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The Alapure icon Tabono, is derived from the ancient West African Adinkra family of symbols. Adinkra are visual symbols that represent original thoughts or ideas. The Tabono symbol signifies Strength, Confidence, and Persistence--something in which we strongly believe. A sense of confidence and self-belief is translated in each of our products to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful lifestyle.

About Alapure

The Alapure Lifestyle

Feed your body with pure, natural ingredients, maintain a healthy diet, sufficient exercise and rest, and your skin will glow and respond with results of which you have only dreamed. These actions embody the ‘Alapure Lifestyle’, and they will allow your beauty to radiate from the inside out.

“Strength, Confidence, and Persistence”, Alapure is committed to this ethos. Our promise is to be your choice for skincare products and helpful guidelines to promote radiant results. Alapure is the finest example of a company that places the health and lifestyle choices of its customers first.

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Alapure is devoted to providing the purest ingredients approved for cosmetics. In fact, we are so devoted to a beautiful and healthy lifestyle that it does not stop there… we are continuously searching for new and better ways to give you the most radiant Alapure Lifestyle.

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The Alapure Lifestyle means living beautifully. We are serious about providing the highest quality products and groundbreaking solutions to improve your experience. Our beauty products and ingredients offer:

  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Rejuvenation
  • Better health
  • No animal testing practices
  • So much more…

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We believe that it isn’t enough to give you the world’s leading beauty ingredients. At Alapure, we also give you the best alternatives to live a healthy and radiant lifestyle. You will find so many ways to make wise and healthy choices to guarantee that your beauty comes from within, as you live the Alapure Lifestyle.

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Alapure is beginning a roadmap to excellence that will become your trusted source. Our goals for future products reach into ingredients that are only whispered in today’s industry. Each time you come back to visit, whether online or at department stores, you will find excitement with our latest products.

About Alapure

Always Confident.
Always Beautiful.


Our Secret…

is Marula oil. Extracted from the kernels of the Marula fruit found in southern Africa, is known in Africa as “miracle oil” because of its intensely nourishing and exceptional healing properties. We use this “miracle oil” in our products in its purest, extra-virgin form.


Our Partnerships…

with women’s cooperatives in Africa help to empower the workers and their families. Alapure is devoted to upholding the strongest values as we commit to working with affiliations whose efforts promote a better world for us all.


Our Culture…

is derived from combining the richness of different world cultures and history that we hope will become a part of your everyday life.


Our Values…

are progressive and forward-thinking. Our commitment to discovering and providing you with leading, all natural ingredients, toxin-free products, innovative packaging and use of sustainable resources embody our name and the Alapure brand.



Alapure has officially closed it's doors! Thank you to all of our loyal customers. - Jill