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Jill Riley, President Alapure Cosmetics


“I come from the warm, beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago--home to the “steelpan” and yearly Carnival celebration that attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Year after year, Carnival revelers immerse themselves in the celebrations while they dance to the sweet sounds of the “steelpan” under the scorching tropical sun. Needless to say, many Carnival tourists go home with sunburns.”

About Jill

I love to travel to exotic places around the world to experience the different cultures, treasures and beauty secrets. I left Trinidad and ventured out on what was to become more than twenty years of travel to the farthest corners of the globe. My favorite secrets always have something to do with beauty. By meeting people and encountering different beauty ingredients from around the world, I’ve discovered myriad ways to maintain a youthful appearance, amongst them–avoiding excessive exposure to the sun.

My curiosity took me from my homeland, where East Indian brides perform a ‘Solah Singaar’ ritual (16 step beauty program) that they must follow to look radiant on the day of their wedding; to the land of Cleopatra, who was legendary for her milk baths; to the land of the rising sun, where women swear by a daily ritual of ingesting tea for its anti-oxidant properties.

I strongly believe that to attain beauty on the outside you have to begin from the inside. From my yoga practice, I learned that beauty is not only what you put on your face and body but also how you treat your body, mind and soul. A balance between outward personality and inner self, a disciplined diet, regular exercise and a return to nature, are the imperatives for looking and feeling good. It is on these premises that I founded Alapure Cosmetics and the ‘Alapure Lifestyle’.

To begin the launch of Alapure Cosmetics, I compiled a long list of natural beauty ingredients based on years of travel and research. There was a plethora of leaves, fruits, herbs, roots, flowers and oils to consider. I chose ingredients with the highest proven efficacy for benefiting multicultural women. I discovered one such ingredient, Marula Oil, during my visit to southern Africa. Marula oil is known as the “miracle oil” of southern Africa. It is the best solution for women’s topmost concern—anti-aging. This “miracle oil” has stood the test of time. African women have used it for centuries for its healing, anti-aging and exceptional nourishing qualities. It is packed with nutrients, has a non-greasy texture and absorbs quickly while delivering its nutrition at the deepest level.

“I strongly believe to attain beauty on the outside you have to begin from the inside.”

At Alapure Cosmetics, we have collaborated with experts to develop Alapure Cosmetics product line. Our ultimate goal is to bring to you a series of products with ingredients you trust to be truly natural, organic and effective, as well as the best information on beauty from around the world. I welcome you to Alapure Cosmetics!