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Beauty is a life style. Alapure lifestyle allows your beauty to radiate from the inside out. The "Alapure Lifestyle" offers the very best nature based products. Alapure lifestyle also offers wealth of information on the latest beauty secrets and wellness.

3 Beauty Must-Have For Your Purse

Women today are juggling their lifestyle routines. Sometimes it’s an early morning dash to get the kids ready for school, or getting themselves ready for work, followed by a dash to the park or gymHandbag before getting back home for the evening. Between dashing from one routine to another, you need quick fixes so you can look and feel beautiful. Here are a few things to carry in your purse so you can keep looking beautiful and alluring throughout the day!


4 Skin Foods Packed With Antioxidants

Good Skin FoodsThe statement, ‘you are what you eat’ rings true especially in this day and age as more and more people are giving up on junk foods and processed foods while turning to healthy diets for clearer and more radiant skin. Ask any dietitian, nutritionist or doctor and they’ll tell you exactly how important it is to incorporate leafy green vegetables, fruits and other antioxidant-rich foods into your diet to improve not only your health but your skin too. These types of foods are also important because  (more…)

4 Natural Oils for Beautiful Skin and Hair

Skin Care OilsAges ago, women used to scour the ingredient list of every skin care product they would buy just to see whether it was ‘oil free’ or not. But times have changed drastically; today, women of all ages around the world acknowledge the great many benefits that natural oils have to offer for beautiful skin and healthy hair.

With natural oils hot on the market these days, here are 4 that you might consider for beautiful skin and hair at any age. (more…)

Beauty Ingredients, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Today, we are bombarded with products that promise us a youthful appearance and gorgeous skin. But, sunscreenwhile many anti-aging cosmetics claim to do wonders for the skin including lighting, brightening and tightening, it is helpful to understand which ingredients are the heavy hitters, those that are harmful as well as how the ingredient’s properties and combination with other ingredients stack up. (more…)

5 Natural Ingredients for Thick Shiny Hair

Nature has provided us with some of the best natural ingredients for hair care. There are various herbs and oils that can shiny hairmake your hair thicker, well moisturized and give them a smooth frizz free texture all year round. Here are 5 natural ingredients for thick shiny hair from around the world that you can use on a regular basis. (more…)

5 Ancient Beauty Rituals Alive Today

ancient beauty ritualsFor centuries, women have relied upon natural products to enhance and highlight their beauty. From Cleopatra to Elizabeth I, women have demonstrated an unwavering passion to attend to their beautification needs, and the important measures in accommodating those needs as a part of life. Women throughout time took great care of their skin and hair; using makeup made from various minerals, seaweeds and mulberries, to complement their look.
While I don’t expect you to use crushed mulberries and bug shells to make lip stains today, many interesting beauty rituals still exist in different parts of the world. (more…)

Baking Soda: An All Natural Beauty Aid

We were recently hipped to the many uses of baking soda as a natural beauty aid. Our favorites are these four:

1. Teeth WhiteningBaking Soda

For an instant pearly white smile, make a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth; leave the paste on for 5 minutes, then rinse.  Baking soda also freshens your breath by neutralizing the acids in your mouth.


4 Natural Skin Care Tips To Nourish From Within

natual skin nourishmentYou may have tried a number of different skin care routines and products in the past to get rid of acne, pimple scars and flaky skin with red blotches. Perhaps some of them were very effective, but they might have contained chemicals. Today, people all over the world are aware of the harmful effects of using harsh chemicals on the skin over long periods, and are therefore looking for more natural skin care solutions.

Skin, The Layers & The Role of Moisturizing

skin layersAs you know, the skin is the largest organ of the body making up about 16% of the body’s weight. Understanding the skin, its layers and the role of moisturizing is a good first step in caring for your beautiful skin.

The skin plays a vital role in regulating body temperature as well as detoxifying the body of waste. It also protects us from the sun’s ultra violet rays that can cause damage and premature aging.

Let’s first look at the different layers of the skin and their roles.


Benefits of Exercise

Fitness with dumbbellsAs we age, we succumb to injury, physical limitations and other factors that challenge our strength, flexibility and vitality. These in turn, often prevent us from exercising. However, exercise can cure the very symptoms that keep us away from it. The benefits of exercise are abundant.

Beauty out of China

‘Beauty is power; a smile is its sword’ – Charles Reade

healthy-skinThere is an austere beauty commonly found among Chinese women. Have you ever wondered how they maintain such glowing skin and salon-smooth hair? It might very well be the result of their ancient beauty tricks and remedies that focuses on using natural ingredients.

Chinese Beauty Secrets

The following tips and tricks from Chinese culture and traditions are known for their ability to enhance beauty, while maintaining healthy skin and hair. (more…)

Marula, Argan, Coconut, Shea

Many people are curious about the differences and similarities between the naturally occurring oils such as Marula oil, Argan oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter. These oils and fat offer numerous beauty and health benefits, and are used in a number of skin care products.
Marula Fruit (more…)

7 Incredibly Easy Tips To Say Bye-Bye To Dry, Itchy Skin For Good

alapure-smooth-skin1Is Dry, itchy skin dampening your spirits and keeping you from shaking hands and wearing sleeveless clothing? If you think about it, the whole skin care industry is thriving on the fact that people will do anything to get rid of this problematic skin condition. But, it is not the end of the world; there are many solutions to soothe dry, itchy skin without having to spend a hefty amount on pricey skin care products. This blog is a godsend for all those who want to transform their dry, itchy skin into soft supple skin.

Steam or Sauna, Which Is Better for Skin?

spaHave you ever wondered which takes the cake when it comes to your skin? So have I, and many others as well. So, I decided to test the two and ask some of my friends along as well. First up, the sauna–for those unaware, the sauna provides dry heat with very high temperatures around 200 degrees Fahrenheit! That’s enough to make anyone sweat.

My Experience in the Sauna

Let’s get a little background information. Saunas and stream rooms have various health benefits for every kind of person. From cleansing to relieving stress, or even just relaxing those tense muscles after an intense workout.

5 Miraculous Ways To Combat Age Spots

AloeDo you have small dark colored spots on your hands or face? Do you know what they are called? Well, these are age spots; spots that are a telltale sign that you are aging. Even though age spots have nothing to do with the functions of the liver, they’re also known as liver spots. Age spots are not uncommon in mature women and yes, they affect men too. The reason behind these dark colored spots occurring on the skin of 40+ women is extreme sun exposure. But here’s some consolation. Don’t worry yourself sick over them because they don’t cause skin cancer.

4 Tips To Achieve Healthy Skin

Healthy and glowing skin is the indicator of natural beauty. No matter how good a skin you were born with, maintaining a healthy skin through time can prove to be quite a challenge. Making the right choices in your daily diet and proper cleansing can help you attain naturally glowing and healthier skin, apart from saving you the hassle of having to worry about common skin diseases. Making efforts to maintain a healthy skin can also help prevent early ageing and keep you looking fresh for a long time. Here are a few pointers that can help you with your daily skin care routine and maintenance.

Marula Oil – The Unsung Hero

Understanding the Link between Beautiful Skin & Marula Oil

alapure-marula-oil-productWhile many anti-aging cosmetics claim to do wonders for the skin including lightening, brightening and tightening it’s helpful to understand why Marula Oil is the unsung hero of vegetable oils.

Marula Oil is an age-old skincare remedy with an African heritage. Traditionally, African women have use Marula Oil in cosmetic formulations for its remarkable benefits suitable for the face, hair, body and skin alike. It is extracted from the seeds of Marula fruit, widely grown in southern Africa including South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia.

Be Healthy – Be Green

Many people who have visited the Green Festival over the past few years affirm that it has changed their lives. Perhaps they were inspired to adopt an organic way of living, encouraged by the organizations that introduced their amazing green products at the show.

This festival is meant to make organic and environmentally friendly products and services accessible to everyone and to encourage people to live a better quality of life. The awareness of being eco-friendly has made it swag. Each year this festival becomes bigger and bigger and this year, Alapure Cosmetics is proud to be a part of the excitement in NYC on April 26 and April 27 (Booth #764).


Get Ready For Spring

Alapure-Spring-2014With winter now behind us, it is time to move on to the newest spring trends in town. Every spring, the entire makeup industry goes through a change. From trending makeup hues to the fabric prints designed to complement individual body types, spring is one season everyone looks forward to. However, before you start following the fads, spend some time and efforts on your skin.

No makeup can cover unhealthy skin. You can hide the dark circles but the creases still show. So, track down all the latest that you can apply to your skin to make it fresh and vibrant again. Choose natural and organic products that are aimed at bringing back the glow and tightening the skin.

Let your skin say it all and join the spring celebrations confidently!

Natural or Organic: Understanding the Key Difference

Natural-OrganicNatural and Organic are often considered to be synonymous terms and are commonly associated with food items. Surprisingly enough, these are misconceptions. Not only do both these terms have key differences, natural and organic produce are not just confined to edible treats. They are used in the manufacturing of several products including cosmetics and beauty products. (more…)

How Well Do You Know Your Skin Type?

skin-typesAs important as it is for you to follow a daily skin care regimen, you must first understand what your skin really needs. To put it another way, you must be sure of your skin type so your skin care products and methods generate results that improve the health and condition of your skin. . (more…)

My Yoga Teacher

“I enjoy breaking down a challenging pose and seeing a student take the steps to get there.”

My name is Sylvia Samilton-Baker, and I hold an M.A. and ERYT (Experience Registered Yoga Teacher- 500 hours). I started yoga as an adolescent – late teens. In my early 20’s, I met a wonderful woman named Margo Jenni who turned the practice of yoga upside down for me. She was an African American woman (there were no AA in classes I was taking during this time or before) and had been teaching for many years.  She studied with Tao Porchon-Lynch (95-year old yoga instructor) and Barbara Kestenbaum. She was terrific – and not only was she my teacher but a mentor and friend as the years progressed. She encouraged me to take teacher training – said I owed it to the AA population to teach because it would save our lives. The spiritual and health benefits of yoga, she believed – would take us all to another level! (more…)

My Yoga Practice

JillAs you may know, the Alapure Lifestyle champions a holistic lifestyle approach, and this includes mind and body exercises. I have been doing yoga now for a couple years and the benefits are just amazing! While some of us may never achieve the flexibility of a gymnast, I believe that if done with a respect for our limitations and physical challenges, yoga can be a boon. (more…)

Differences in Skin of Color

There are many facts about the skin that generalize its characteristics and structure. Common skin types show specific characteristics like normal, sensitive, mature, dry, oily, etc. Similarly, ethnic skin shows its own set of characteristics that is commonly differentiated on the basis of color scale that falls between ivory white and dark brown. Because of varying ethnicities, these skin types have their own specific reactions to the environment, mainly Ultraviolet light. (more…)

The Significance of Body Lotion for Well-Nourished Skin

Alapure-moisturizerDespite the lack of time in average daily routines, women continue to make an extra effort to pamper themselves. Whether it is to enjoy their “Me-Time” or to look and feel good about their appearance, many women find delight in taking care of their skin and appearance with easy-to-use and effective cosmetics and beauty products. Among these options, body lotion is widely used, and known to hydrate the skin while improving its condition.


Hydrated Skin is Smooth Skin

The Benefits of Water for Maintaining Healthy Skin

Glass WaterWith 75% of your body made up of water, there is good reason to stay hydrated. Drinking ample water is not just a healthy lifestyle decision but it is also a great source for maintaining smooth and glowing skin. You might find it to be a centuries old tip, but it is definitely not an obsolete or unproven one. Primarily, drinking plenty of water, at a minimum 8 glasses each day, could play a vital role in keeping your skin hydrated and looking visibly radiant.

Things You Should Know About Tamanu Oil

Top Reasons for Using Tamanu Oil Products to Get Beautiful Skin

Tamanu Oil
The Tamanu tree is native of various islands of Polynesia including Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, etc. The nut kernels of the Tamanu fruit are cured for a few weeks before the greenish-yellow oil is extracted. Tamanu Oil is nature’s gift with abundant benefits for skincare treatment. This is why the wonders of using Tamanu Oil products range from beauty benefits like younger looking skin to medicinal properties like anti-inflammation. As a skincare regimen, here are a few facts about Tamanu Oil that will make its products rise to the top of your shopping list.

What are Wrinkles?


As we age the skin loses elasticity, moisture and protein, it begins to sag and fold resulting in what we know as wrinkles.

What Causes Wrinkles

Wrinkles form as part of the natural aging process. However, habitual facial expressions, such as frowning and squinting, exposure to the sun’s rays, environmental pollutants, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages can also contribute to premature wrinkling. (more…)