Marula Oil

Packed into the kernels of the Marula fruit is the elixir of youth—the Marula oil. Native to southern Africa, this fruit has been used for centuries for healing skin ailments, preserving food and fruit, and in various beauty rituals. Its highly stable nature and solvent-free extraction process keeps the Marula oil in its purest form, allowing for its application in skincare and cosmetic products, like the ones we bring to you.

Benefits of Marula Oil


Enriches & Conditions from the Head to Toe

This light-weight oil penetrates deep into the skin where a rich concentration of anti-oxidants work at the cellular level to regenerate new skin, stimulate collagen production—giving you that inside-out glow.
A potent combination of monounsaturated fatty acids ensures that regular application promotes elasticity even in the thicker skin of our bodies. Combine that with long-lasting moisturization of the dry areas around the knees, heels, and soles of the feet—and it’s as if you are cloaked in luminous velvety smooth skin.


Provides That Iridescent Glow

This anti-oxidant rich oil chases away lackluster and dry skin. In more mature skin, it boosts the skin’s natural ability to repair and regenerate; and energizes its weakening ability to produce collagen thereby restoring its suppleness. Marula oil gives you that iridescent glow of youth.

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Works Day and Night

Marula oil forms a protective layer over the skin that minimizes the effects of harsh environmental elements like the sun, pollution, and cold wind when you step out.
At night, it works together with the skin’s natural renewal process while fortifying the skin from within by delivering a cocktail of nourishing, enriching and conditioning nutrients at the deepest level—so that you wake up to soft and supple skin that looks rested and relaxed.

This twice-a-day application can be most beneficial for pregnant women to prevent hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of those dreaded stretch marks.


Benefits All Skin Types

Marula oil has been used for generations by southern African women—giving that timeless, ageless quality to their complexions. However, its super-absorbing property ensures that it does not clog pores and makes it suitable for all skin types – oily, normal and dry. It contains a rich source of oleic acid, and it is suitable for problem skin as well as for very sensitive skin types. Men have also been known to benefit from its deep hydrating action that makes their rough scaly skin, soft and smooth to the touch.


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At Alapure, we use Marula oil in its purest, extra-virgin form and in the highest possible concentrations, to deliver ultimate benefits for all skin types.

While you face and conquer the challenges of the world, your skin faces external challenges from harsh natural elements like the sun, cold weather, salty seawater, pollution, etc. Internally, you face fatigue, emotional stress, hormonal changes and the slowing down of the regenerative system that play havoc with your skin’s health. Using Marula oil will allow you to better fight against these external and internal assaults — promising to give you a glimpse of that pure innocent skin in which you were born.

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Benefits of Marula Oil

  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  • High concentration of oleic acid and other skin-friendly nutrients
  • Lightweight and soaks deep into the skin
  • Versatile — can be used for the skin, hair and body

Works from the inside-out for that youthful, healthy glow.

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At Alapure, our products are infused with southern African wildcrafted, hand-harvested tree oil that boasts superior moisturizing and rich anti-oxidant properties, to allow you to tap into the beauty secrets of Africans who have used this oil for generations to keep their skin soft and fresh looking.