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Welcome to Alapure


Our Secret

Marula Oil is known as Africa’s ‘miracle oil’ because it is intensely nourishing and provides healing benefits. We use pure, extra-virgin Marula Oil in our products.

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Our products will make a great addition to your spa, boutique or specialty shop. They are made with hand-harvested Marula oil that benefit all skin types.

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Benefits of Marula Oil

Rich in anti-oxidants

High concentration of oleic acid and other skin-friendly nutrients

Lightweight, non-greasy and penetrates deep into the skin

Wildcrafted and hand-harvested

Improves skin hydration

Versatile. Can be used on the skin, hair and body for that healthy glow

If you believe in nature’s prowess in repairing, healing, and enhancing your skin’s appearance, you have come to the right place. Alapure is a progressive nature-based skincare and lifestyle-solutions company that is determined to transform women’s lives by helping them achieve a level and quality of beauty that radiates from the inside out. To make this possible, we use the highest quality, highest concentration, and purest form of all the natural ingredients in our skincare formulations. We intend to continue making new discoveries in skincare ingredients, formulations and technologies as we journey toward making Alapure the brand of choice and an organization of high repute.

Marula Lifestyle Blends!


About Alapure

We infuse our products with southern African wildcrafted, hand-harvested Marula oil that boasts superior moisturizing and rich anti-oxidant properties. Tap into the beauty secrets of African women who have used this oil for generations to keep their skin soft and young looking. […]


Alapure Lifestyle

We believe that it isn’t enough to give you the world’s leading beauty ingredients. We also give you the best alternatives to live a healthy and radiant lifestyle. You will find so many ways to make wise and healthy choices to guarantee that your beauty comes from within, as you live the Alapure Lifestyle. […]


Our Values

Progressive and forward-thinking. Our commitment to discovering and providing you with leading, all natural ingredients, toxin-free products, innovative packaging and use of sustainable resources embody our name and the Alapure brand. […]

Customer Reviews


“Pure Perfection!
The Alapure Lifestyle Challenge was a huge success for me. I tried the Marula Body Butter and the Marula Body Lotion for a week and I can truly say I have two new beauty product staples. I normally use Nubian Heritage body products and I found Alapure to be quite comparable. I would highly recommend this product to any person that is looking for creams the last, moisturize and soothe. You get more than what you pay for and you’ll soon be stocking up and recommending Alapure to family and friends. Enjoy!”– Collette H.


“I took the Alapure Lifestyle Challenge because I wanted to find out if the addition of Marula Oil would make a difference for my skin. After a week, my skin smells and feels amazing…soft and not greasy. The texture was light and the fragrance was amazing. I learned through a chemist years ago that the best cremes are “light” because they penetrate your skin most effectively. Alapure definitely understands the importance of light creme that makes a fabulous difference. I live in Chicago, IL and the weather extremes, especially in the winter, create challenges for face and body. I’m also a swimmer and spend 5 hours a week in Chlorine. This adds to the challenge of dry skin in the winter and the summer. I’m partial to the Pomegranate Fragrance because the odor lingered in the bathroom and I could smell it for the entire day.”
– Nancy P.


“I was thrilled with the Alapure vanilla body butter and pomegranate lotion. The body butter reminds me of butter cream frosting as its consistency feels like a frosting, and the scent also smells like it. The butter soaks into exceedingly dry skin and repairs it by making if soft and supple. I used the lotion as an everyday moisturizer on my hands and arms. The feeling is silky and it feels soothing and non-greasy. Both smells are captivating as it makes you want to keep smelling it. I enjoyed trying both products very much and feel as though they are unique and of high quality ingredients and formula.”
– Trisha F.



Alapure has officially closed it's doors! Thank you to all of our loyal customers. - Jill